Transforming Therapeutic Delivery:

The Power of SpheruliTEK™ Technology

Transforming Therapeutic Delivery

SpheruliTEK™ is a ground-breaking anisotropic structured suspension system designed specifically for suspending insoluble drugs. Its’ innovative design holds immense promise in delivering elevated doses of otherwise challenging-to-administer medications within liquid formulations. This capability is particularly critical in sectors like paediatrics and veterinary medicine, where precise dosing and palatability are paramount.

Rheological studies conducted at the University of Nottingham have shed light on the remarkable properties of SpheruliTEK™. The findings reveal that this cutting-edge technology exhibits shear thinning behaviour, a characteristic ideal for facilitating oral ingestion or topical application. In the study, SpheruliTEK™ successfully suspended Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) at doses five times higher than those achievable with standard 2% formulations. Notably, even at these elevated doses, SpheruliTEK maintained its exceptional rheological properties, with no compromise on its yield point.

Acetaminophen (% w/w) Yield point (1/s)
2 22.43
10 21.85

The versatility of SpheruliTEK™ extends far beyond these realms, offering a transformative solution for drug delivery challenges across diverse therapeutic domains.